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Third Grade Reading
Ask and Answer Questions

Ask and Answer Questions

  1. SOL 3.6d The student will continue to read and demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction texts.) Ask and answer questions about what is read.


                             Questions  To Ask When Reading                                           ​


  • Who are the characters in this story?

  • What are the most important events that happened in the story?

  • What in the text leads you to that answer?

  • Where did the story take place?

  • How do you know?

  • Which sentence(s) from the story supports your answer? 

  • What do the characters think about ___?

  • Use two specific details from the story to support your answers.

  • Explain why the ___ is important to story.

  • Support your answer using a detail from the story.

Compare and Contrast Text
Compare and Contrast
​SOL 3.5d​ The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional text and poetry.  d)  Compare and contrast settings, characters, and events.
Constructive Response (RACE)
Making Inferences
Point of View
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