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I'm elated to announce the opening of a homeschool education program that assist parents with homeschooling their children. If you are unsure how to start, I can help you get started. Parents will be assisted with developing a schedule, tracking attendance and keeping a portfolio of your child's school days. report cards, transcripts and work samples. In the spring, students will take a standardized test to monitor their progress.


At Rising High students will be taught by certified teachers twice a week in the language arts and math academic areas and assigned their home assignments for these academic areas.  The curriculum will be challenging and geared towards the interest of the students. The goal of RH Homeschool Academy is to guide students to "soar above and beyond expectations".

If you are interested in the homeschool concept and want an educational program that differs from the traditional public school, please feel free to contact me to discuss your inquiries.




Sondra Anderson,



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