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Outdoors Tutoring

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Virtual Tutoring

If your child is having difficulty in a subject area or if you would like for your child to get a jump start in a particular area, then tutoring is a great idea.  Tutoring lessons are one -on- one; therefore, your child receives individualized instruction and attention.  The lessons are based on the student's needs.
Lessons for one-on-one tutoring are per one hour cost.  In addition to the tutoring lessons, students are assigned practice work on a weekly basis.  The cost for tutoring is $65.00 per hour. 

Click on the download button to sign your child up for tutoring or scroll down to complete the tutoring contract.

Rising High Home School Academy is now offering virtual lessons.  Students may have missed some important skills or were not challenged during the last semester of school due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Use the summer as an opportunity to help your child catch up or maintain skills. Please contact Sondra Anderson at 404-822-1136 or 770-619-9560 for detailed information.

 If paying for tutoring service online, please add an additional $5.00 to payment to defray the online cost.  Online payment is made using PayPal Services.

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