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A new and different home school program established to assist parents with the educational needs of their child. It allows students to study independently under the directions of a certified teacher.


For academic studies, children will meet with the teacher twice a week for instruction using an organized language arts  and math programs.  Children will receive instructions on planned topics and assigned daily home study work.


Parents will have to teach social studies and science.  Suggestions on which curriculum to use will be provided.

"Learning is a continuous process, never ending."  Sondra Anderson
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Some students perform better in a private setting with less distractions.




At Rising High, students soar to their potential.  Students work independently on assignments and learn at their own pace.  With each step, they rise to the next level. They have guided instructions in language arts and math when they meet with the lead teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays.






Parents will be required to teach their child social studies and science, and also be responsible for the grading and testing in these academic areas.  Parents will be provided with a document to track students home school work.  


  • Assure that your child completes home school assignments

  • Assure that your child follows RH rules

  • Complete the Declaration of Intent Form for the state of Georgia

  • Report your child's social studies and science grades to RH for report cards

  • Report social studies and science units of study to RH for your child's portfolio

  • Pay tuition fees  at the beginning of each month.

The Beginning



Rising High Homeschool Academy is a homeschool program started by Sondra Anderson, a recent retired school teacher of 30 years.  With the constant changes in school programs and uncertainty, Ms. Anderson decided that there was a need for an education program that focused strictly on academics void of  distractions and activities that take students away from academics.






Many of you know that my name is Miss Sondra Anderson.  I taught in the public school system for over thirty years and   taught grades Kindergarten through fifth.  When I first moved to the Atlanta metro area, I taught at Esther Jackson Elementary School in Roswell for eight years.  Then I transferred to Findley Oaks Elementary in Johns Creek the year it opened in 1994 and worked there for twenty years ago until I retired.  During my tenure at Findley Oaks, I tutored students on various subjects on different levels. 


I am a native of Savannah, Georgia.  I was educated by the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System during my formative years and received my bachelor’s degree from Savannah State and Armstrong Atlantic (formally Armstrong State College) Universities.  Because of my love for learning, I continued my education by receiving a master’s degree from Oglethorpe University here in Atlanta.  To this day, I still have hope of returning to school to fulfill my dream of becoming a school psychologist, and opening a center for at risk youth. My philosophy of education purports the idea that learning is a continuous process, never ending. My gpal is to instil in students a love for learning.




/  THE FUTURE: Virtual Tutoring


Students will use technology to view assignments, practice skills and track home school minutes. If students need extra help understanding a skill, the teachers will use technology to communicate and supply help.


Websites, such as, IXL Math, Brainpop, Math Playground will be used by students for home assignments.


Rising High offers virtual tutoring for students needing extra help  or enrichment in an area of study.  If your child needs an extra boost in an area of study to improve his/her grades, please give us a call to set up a tutoring schedule to get your child started.

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