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Third Grade Math
Place Value
Addition Properties
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Associative Property
The property which states that the grouping of addends does not change the sum 

Bar Diagram 
A problem-solving strategy in which bar models are used to visually organize the facts in a problem


Commutative Property of Additions
The property that states that the order in which two numbers are added does not change the sum5.
(4+5) + 2 = 4 + (5 +2)

A number close to an exact value.  An estimate indicates about how much.
47 + 22 is about 70.

Identity Property of Addition
If you add zero to a number, the sum is the same as the given number.  
3 + 0 =3 or 0 + 3 = 3

Mental Math
Ordering or grouping numbers so that they are easier to compute in your head.


Symbols that are used to groups numbers.  They show which operations to complete first in a number sentence

A sequence of numbers, figures, or symbols that follow a rule or design.
2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Within the bounds of making sense.

To use place value to exchange equal amounts when renaming a number.

A missing number, or the number to be solved for. 

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Multiplication Properties
Multiplication and Division Relationship
Division Word Problems
Multiplication: Multiple 2 Digits x 1 Digit
Multiplication: Multiple 2 Digits x 1 Digit
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