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Types of Poems
Rhyme Scheme

End rhymes - occur at the end of two or more lines of verse (the last word in the line or in the second line)



Line A: Mary had a little lamb

Line B: Its fleece was white as snow

Line C: An everywhere that Mary went

Line B: The lamb was sure to go. (go rhymes with snow)


a,a, b,b:

Line A: Twinkle, twinkle little star

Line A: How I wonder what you are (are rhymes with star)

Line B: Up above the world so high

Line B: Like a diamond in the sky (sky rhymes with high)



Line A: The rain was like a little mouse,

Line B: Quiet, small and gray.

Line A: It pattered all around the house (house rhymes with mouse)

Line B: And then it went away. (away rhymes with gray)

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